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Gourmet Art Cards 2-Pack

Gourmet Art Cards 2-Pack

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"Daddy is a chef, so these cards are a huge hit with the family."

This 2-Pack gift set features both our "Gourmet Rainbow" and "Gourmet for Baby" art cards.

Gourmet Rainbow: 10 durable cards in a rainbow of colors. Featuring stunning modern artwork of fancy foods, alongside playful, creative poems, sure to captivate the youngest soon-to-be chefs.

Red Tomatoes - Orange Escargot - Yellow Lemon - Green Olives - Blue Caviar - Purple Figs - Pink Prosciutto - Brown Chocolate - Black Truffles - White Popcorn

Gourmet for Baby: Black and white, high-contrast art cards. 10 durable cards with bold, contrasting shapes and patterns. Paired with short facts about each kitchen delight!

Garlic - Oyster - Sage - Asparagus - Clementine - Anchovy - Croissant - Pretzel - Pistachio - Olives

So what are art cards? Art cards are fantastic conversation starters and engaging visuals for baby. Great for tabletop or playmat use, with family, friends, and caregivers. Start with the black and white cards for newborns. Great for their developing eyesight. Use cards as visual stimulation, a perfect compliment other Montessori toys like play food, mobiles, busy boards, or baby playmat. Turn the art cards baby toy into a charcuterie entertainment zone for hours of fun! Packed in a decorative storage box, they are a great activity snack pack for infants and young children.

Once baby is 6M old, cruise past foods like sweet potatoes and explore out-of-the-ordinary fruit, vegetables, and meats with Gourmet Rainbow! A tomato and lemons come alive with each rhyme, making Gourmet Rainbow one of the baby essentials. A great addition to building your baby's bookshelf. 

This food-themed toy makes an exciting present for boys and girls! Or a an educational way for parents and siblings to spend quality time and bond with baby! Sets make wonderful shower gifts and educational gifts for those doing baby led weaning or as speech therapy materials, a unique toddler learning toys, or just something happy baby needs.

SUPPORTS BRAIN DEVELOPMENT - Newborn baby essentials, art cards are great baby toys 6 to 12 months, for tummy time mat play or as an interactive sensory toy or independent developmental learning.

ENCOURAGE VISUAL TRACKING, MEMORY, AND SPEECH - Flashcards encourage spatial awareness and memory for newborns and babies. Also can be used as a speech learning resources for toddlers 1-3.

ENGAGING LEARNING TOOL - Colorful cards with mid-century modern design snacks will provide organic opportunities to delight young children. Display on a play gym, high chair, stroller or car seat.

SAFE MATERIALS - Easy-to-clean, CPC tested non-toxic materials, safe for curious infants or a budding baby einstein hungry for education. Durable enough for sight word focused toddler activities.

GIFT TOY SET - Baby flash cards are the perfect shower gift, new baby gift, pregnancy announcement, birthday, or holiday gift. Useful in the montessori preschool classroom, library or nursery school.


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