Christina Sicoli

Christina Sicoli is a designer, author, illustrator, and mother to two wonderful, funny little kiddos Isla and Eddie. She studied industrial design at university and has always been drawn to children’s design including illustration, furniture, and toys.

As an avid DIYer who enjoys sunny days gardening in Edmonton, Canada, she hopes to rethink everyday moments in her work and explore how to share these experiences together.


Published works include

Little Book of Pasta  August 2021 BlueMilk Studio Inc. ISBN: 978-1777849504

Little Book of Cookies January 2022 BlueMilk Studio Inc. ISBN: 978-1777849511

Little Book of Cheese October 2022 BlueMilk Studio Inc. ISBN: 978-1777849528

Gourmet Rainbow August 2023 BlueMilk Studio Inc. ISBN: 979-8988789109


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