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Art Cards for Babies & Newborns

Art cards for babies come in a wide array of designs, carefully curated to captivate and stimulate tiny minds. Here are some common examples of what you might find on these art cards:

High-Contrast Patterns. Embracing the magic of black and white, many art cards feature high-contrast patterns such as bold stripes, spirals, or checkerboard designs. These patterns are designed to engage a baby's developing vision, promoting visual tracking and focus.

Animals. From whimsical elephants to playful pandas, animal-themed art cards are a popular choice. These images not only introduce babies to the diversity of the animal kingdom but also provide a chance to explore different shapes and sizes.

Nature Elements. Art cards often incorporate elements from nature, such as trees, leaves, and flowers. These images offer a introduction to the world outside, fostering a connection to the environment from the earliest stages of development.

Simple Shapes. Circles, squares, triangles—basic geometric shapes show up in some art cards. These simple shapes serve as building blocks for a baby's visual recognition, laying the foundation for more complex concepts later on.

Faces. Babies are naturally drawn to faces, and art cards often feature simple, friendly facial expressions. These images not only grab a baby's attention but also support early social and emotional development.

Contrasting Objects. Pairing images of everyday objects in stark contrast, like a key against a dark background or a ball on a white surface, helps babies distinguish between different elements. This promotes cognitive development and enhances visual discrimination skills.

Food items. Pioneering the food space, Chunky Deli has a few sets of art cards that are targeted at showing babies different food items. These thoughtfully crafted cards provide a delightful and engaging platform for babies to explore two food options: pasta, and gourmet food.

Popular Art Cards for Babies

Chunky Deli Art Cards

Chunky Deli has a pair of black and white art card sets, featuring pictures inspired by food—a visual treat that resonates with the preferences of babies. The Pasta for Baby set transforms everyday pasta into captivating illustrations, introducing babies to the diversity of culinary shapes.


Black and white art cards for baby


Meanwhile, the Gourmet for Baby set invites tiny eyes into the world of food delights, with different fruits, vegetables and pastries.

art cards for baby black and white

Both art cards are made using safe materials. They are non-toxic and strictly comply with toy safety regulations, which is safe for curious infant toys 0-3 months and babies 0-6+ months.

Chunky Deli also has colored Art Cards for children 6 months and older. The Gourmet Rainbow Art Cards feature charming, playful silhouettes of fancy foods and creative poems. 

art card for baby

Wee Gallery Infant Art Cards Review

Wee Gallery has its high-contrast infant black and white art cards, designed specifically for newborns. The cards showcase patterns, animals, and nature elements. Wee Gallery art cards are visually engaging and also safe for tiny hands to explore. Some individuals might find them relatively higher priced compared to other options on the market, especially since there are only 6 art cards in their pack.


Beiens visual stimulation cards are made with double-sided film and matte surface with anti-glare treatment. The black and white 0–3-month cards come with 20 cards with round edges. Though sturdy, these can be torn if a baby is a bit rough with them.

Introducing Art Cards to Your Newborn

Here are some good moments to utilize art cards for your newborn:

Quiet Moments During Awake Periods
Capitalize on those peaceful moments when your newborn is awake and alert. Gentle, high-contrast art cards can capture their attention and provide a visually stimulating experience.

Tummy Time Sessions
Incorporate art cards into tummy time routines. Place the cards within your baby's line of sight to make this crucial exercise engaging.

Diaper Changes and Dressing Times
Keep a small set of art cards near the changing table. This offers a distraction during diaper changes or dressing, turning routine tasks into moments of visual exploration.

Stroller and Car Seat Adventures
Attach art cards to the stroller or car seat. This provides visual engagement during outdoor strolls or car rides, introducing your newborn to the world beyond.

Soft Play Mat Sessions
Lay out a soft play mat and scatter art cards around your baby during supervised playtime. This not only offers visual stimulation but also encourages reaching and exploration.

Bedtime Rituals
Integrate art cards into your bedtime routine. Briefly showcase them as part of a pre-sleep ritual, providing a calming visual element before settling down for the night.

DIY Art Cards for Babies

Materials Needed:

Cardstock or sturdy paper

Art supplies (crayons, markers, or watercolor paints)

Templates or stencils (optional)

Textures (fabric scraps, cotton balls)

Glue and scissors


Laminator (optional)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
Collect all the necessary materials on a clean and well-lit workspace.

Step 2: Cut Cardstock into Rectangles
Cut the cardstock or sturdy paper into rectangles of a size suitable for your baby to handle. This will serve as the base for your art cards.

Step 3: Design Simple and Bold Patterns
Use crayons, markers, or watercolor paints to create simple and bold patterns on the cards. For newborns, focus on high-contrast black and white designs.

Step 4: Incorporate Personal Elements
Attach small photographs onto the cards using glue. Ensure the images are securely affixed, allowing your baby to recognize familiar faces.

Step 5: Add Textures
Introduce textures by attaching fabric scraps or cotton balls to the cards. This provides a tactile element for your baby to explore.

Step 6: Laminate for Durability (Optional)
If you want to enhance durability, laminate the cards. This also makes them easy to wipe clean in case of any spills.

Voila! You have your very own personalized art cards that babies can enjoy. Or you can pick up some art cards at Chunky Deli. 

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