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Moody Food

Moody Food

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"We've had so much fun with this game set! our 2 yr old has a great time acting out the different emotions and has already added new words into her vocabulary."

Moody Food is an all-in-one game set containing 6 beloved, classic card and board games, with a unique twist. 36 round one-sided tiles are divided into 4 colors with pictures of organic food types and expressions. Players of all ages are on a quest of varying difficulty, ranging from 1 to many players.

This game is beloved by girls and boys! Get comfy on the couch, grab a tea and dive in!

6 Included Games:

Easy Games
Chain - sequence tiles by between food or emotion, the tiles should create a complete ring or circle.

Face Off - players act out characters and learn the tools of emotion. One player can make the face of an apple while another the banana, or become apples and bananas together!

Medium Games
Chop! - rapidly flip tiles to find a pair amongst a garden of options. Spot two pineapple and yell chop! Don't blink!

Threes - Flip tiles until you can connect three! Then bingo!

Hard Games
Memory - scrabble the tiles face-down then flip two to reveal hidden face and form a pair, or try again. Stay calm and strategize!

Who? - players take turns with questions and answers until someone can guess who the right character! Can you catch a clue?

Brimming with cute and fun family games for kids and adults, boys and girls, Moody Food is a petite to the overstuffed board game closet or bookshelf. Looking for birthday gift ideas? Or perhaps a holiday gift that could become mini stocking stuffers? This game travels well - a play-in-the-car game, or spread across the table on vacation, or during family night or game night.

VALUE - Moody Food is endless fun at home with children and friends. Featuring 6 different ways to play with twists on timeless games for hours of entertainment inspired by the kitchen.

QUALITY - 36 large durable, easy-to-clean round tile cards measuring 2.5 inches wide, making them easy to hold and read, with a convenient storage tube. Great for camping, outdoor fun, and car travel!

DESIGN - Tiles feature 4 different background colors with pairs of matching vintage foods and emoji expressions, opening up many opportunities to develop new ways of gameplay.

EDUCATIONAL - Interpret and express various emotions, build logic and reasoning, practice memory skills and matching, connect with family, and more! Great play on emotional intelligence.

GIFTABLE - The perfect holiday gift for teachers or stocking stuffer for kids, Moody Food will keep everyone on their toes and laughing for hours. Toss in a party gift basket or baby shower gift.

Moody Food A New Twist on 6 Classic Card Games for Family Game Night Parties with Toddlers, Kids, Tweens, and Adults 2+ Player, 3 Levels of Play, Easy Medium Hard

"Moody Food has all our favorite kids games in one box! My young son, daughter and toddler can all play together, it compliments other board games for family night perfectly and beats the uno card game or go fish!"

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