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Gourmet Rainbow Art Cards

Gourmet Rainbow Art Cards

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"Lovely to look at and amusing for the grownups!"

Gourmet Rainbow color art cards feature charming, playful silhouettes of fancy foods and creative poems featuring the food and color will captivate even the youngest soon-to-be chefs and are a fun and exciting way to play with infants and babies.

Ten durable, baby-friendly, double-sided 5-inch square flash cards contain ten unique vintage midcentury food illustrations and ten custom poems.

Red Tomatoes - Orange Escargot - Yellow Lemon - Green Olives - Blue Caviar - Purple Figs - Pink Prosciutto - Brown Chocolate - Black Truffles - White Popcorn

Go beyond typical baby food and toddler snacks like sweet potatoes by exploring the out-of-the-ordinary fruit, vegetables, and meats. A tomato or simple lemons come alive with each rhyme, making Gourmet Rainbow one of the baby essentials when it comes to newborn toys or infant toys.

A sensory toy to compliment other Montessori toys like play food, mobile, busy board, or baby playmat or pillow to turn the art cards baby toy into a charcuterie entertainment zone for minutes and hours of fun! The baby mat activity snack pack!

This food-themed baby toy makes a great baby gift! Or a fun and educational way for parents, caregivers, and siblings to spend quality time and bond with baby! This set makes wonderful baby shower gifts for baby boys and baby girls, and are an exceptional educational gift for those currently working on baby led weaning, looking for speech therapy materials, unique toddler learning toys, or just something a happy baby needs.

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