Best Baby Hangers

Choosing the Best Baby Hangers for Your Newborn

Welcoming a new member to the family is such an exciting time. Preparing for their arrival can be a whole different feeling though. While selecting adorable baby outfits is fun, finding the right hangers to keep those clothes tidy and accessible is also important. In this guide, we discuss the essentials of choosing baby hangers. 

Size of Baby Hangers:

Choosing the right hanger size is important. Imagine tiny onesies slipping off oversized hangers or delicate dresses lost in the sea of bulky ones. Not an ideal scenario when you're trying to navigate the morning rush with a squirming baby.

Also, bad fitting hangers can lead to wrinkles, making those outfits look less picture-perfect and more like they've been on a wild adventure. Beyond looks, the right-sized hangers can lead to efficient closet organization, making it easy to locate exactly what you are looking for, even when in a hurry.

To simplify the process, consider a basic size guide based on your baby's age. For newborns, opt for smaller hangers that match the dimensions of their petite clothes. For example this petite bodysuit that is way too cute can be used for the smaller hangers:

As your baby grows, graduate to slightly larger hangers that can handle the expanding wardrobe.

Baby Hanger Material Matters:

When it comes to baby hangers, the material is an important consideration. Let's take a closer look at the various hanger materials available in the market:

Plastic Baby Hangers

Pros: Lightweight, affordable, and available in various colors.

Cons: May lack durability, especially for heavier clothing items

Velvet Baby Hangers

Pros: Soft surface prevents clothes from slipping, ideal for delicate fabrics.

Cons: May not be as sturdy as other options, and the velvet covering can wear over time.

Wooden Baby Hangers

Pros: Durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can bear the weight of heavier garments.

Cons: Generally more expensive than other options.

Non Slip

Hangers equipped with rubberized or textured surfaces provide an extra layer of security, ensuring that the fabrics stay put. This maintains the condition of your baby's clothes and also saves you from the frustration of constantly rehanging items.


Baby clothes may be small, but their numbers can quickly add up, turning your closet into a chaotic puzzle. This is where space-saving hanger options can be helpful.

For smaller baby clothes, consider slimline hangers that take up minimal space, allowing you to hang more items without overcrowding the closet. Also, hangers with built-in hooks for accessories like hats or socks, eliminate the need for extra storage solutions. Lastly, Multiple hanging levels on a single hanger can be particularly handy for coordinating outfits or organizing clothes by size.

Best Baby Hangers

Here is a list of all the best baby hangers categorized by the different materials mentioned above.

Best Plastic Baby Hangers

Delta Children Nursery Hangers

Specifically designed for baby clothes, Delta Children has plastic hangers that are appropriately sized and sturdy. Some versions come with built-in accessory hooks. The reviews have mentioned that it is a bit thin and might not fit in very skinny closet rods.

Utopia Home Kids Hangers

These are slim, plastic hangers with smooth edges and has shoulder grooves. Customers generally like the value, sturdiness, and performance of these hangers.

Best Velvet Baby Hangers

Casafield Hangers

The casafield velvet hangers are ultra-thin with 360 degree swivel hooks. The hangers have contoured shoulders, cut notches, and non-slip velvet coating. Some reviews mention that they are not as durable and are prone to break.

Zober Hangers

With a wide range of colors ranging from Burgundy to Turqoise, these light-weight Velvet hangers are a fun option.

Best Wooden Baby Hangers

IKEA Hangers

IKEA is synonymous with affordable and functional home solutions. Their Hanga line is made of wood, providing a durable option for baby clothes. Plus, they have a timeless and minimalist design.

Personalized Wooden Hangers from Etsy

Explore Etsy for personalized wooden hangers featuring your baby's name. Handcrafted and customized, these hangers add a unique and sentimental element to the closet.

Maintaining Baby Hangers

Here are some easy maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of your baby hangers based on the material of the hanger. 

Velvet Baby Hangers
Use a soft brush or lint roller to remove any dust or lint from the velvet surface. This helps to keep the hangers looking clean and prevents dust buildup. Velvet hangers can be sensitive to moisture, so avoid exposing them to damp conditions. If they get wet, allow them to air dry completely. Lastly, avoid overcrowding clothes on a single hanger, as this can lead to deformation of the velvet surface. Space out your garments to get an even distribution of weight.

Plastic Baby Hangers
Plastic hangers are easy to clean. Wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. For stubborn stains, a mild soap solution can be used. Regularly inspect plastic hangers for cracks or signs of wear. Lastly, Plastic hangers have weight limits, so avoid overloading them with heavy garments. This shouldn’t be much of an issue for cute baby clothes. Lastly, keep plastic hangers away from direct sunlight or heat sources, since prolonged exposure can cause them to become brittle over time.

Wooden Baby Hangers
Use a soft, dry cloth to dust wooden hangers regularly. This helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and keeps the wood looking clean. Periodically inspect wooden hangers for any splinters or rough spots. Sand down any rough areas to keep the surface smooth and prevent damage to clothing.

Wood can be sensitive to humidity, so store wooden hangers in a dry environment. Excessive humidity can cause the wood to swell or warp. To maintain the natural luster of wooden hangers, consider applying a small amount of wood oil or wax. This helps nourish the wood and keeps it looking polished.

Baby Hangers vs. Kid Hangers: Key Differences

Size: Baby hangers are designed for the tiniest members of the family – newborns and infants up to 24 months. These hangers are smaller in dimensions.

Gentle: Baby hangers often feature a gentle and slim design. They are crafted to handle delicate fabrics without stretching or misshaping the tiny garments.

Built for Onesies and Tiny Outfits: Given the prevalence of onesies and miniature outfits in a baby's wardrobe, baby hangers typically have a design that caters to these smaller clothing items. They may also have rounded edges to prevent snagging.

Lightweight Materials: Baby hangers are usually crafted from lightweight materials like plastic or wood to complement the lightweight nature of baby clothes.

Simple Features: Baby hangers usually have straightforward designs, focusing on functionality for tiny garments without unnecessary embellishments.

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