Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

Baby showers are an age-old tradition. Some date it back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Modern baby showers are a staple event for most to-be parents and can be a fun and joyful celebration of the coming little one. Apart from the normal games, gifts, and food a lot of parents like to commemorate the event with a Guest Book.

What is a Baby Shower Guest Book

A baby shower guest book is a special keepsake that captures wishes and messages from friends and family who attend the celebration. It's a way for guests to share their excitement and advice for the couple. Typically, baby shower guest books can be placed at the entrance or a central location during the event. It serves as a heartfelt memento, preserving the joy and love expressed by loved ones on this memorable occasion.

Ideas for Baby Shower Guest Book

Picking the right baby shower guest book requires considering a few key factors. First, think about the party size and space. Small gatherings fit well with smaller, detailed books, while bigger celebrations need a larger volume. Second, match the guest book theme with the baby shower theme as well, whether it's classic, whimsical, or modern. Consider materials too, like traditional bound books or innovative choices such as wood or fabric. Lastly, prioritize practicality. Choose a guest book with an easy layout, making it simple for guests to share their thoughts. Whether it's a straightforward design for short messages or an interactive style for anecdotes, a practical guest book ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Creative Ideas for Baby Shower Guest Book

Instead of a specific book, here are a few different ways that messages can be shared:
Baby Onesies Messages
Set up a clothesline with plain baby onesies and fabric markers. Guests can write their messages or draw on the onesie, creating a personalized gift for the future baby. 
Guest Book Photobooth
Hire a photobooth with props and a blank guest book. Guests can take pictures and glue them into the book- with a section for messages as well.
Advice Cards
Create advice cards with prompts like “Parenting Wisdom” or “Words of Encouragement”. Guests can fill these out with their insights and tips.
Wishing Stones
Provide smooth stones and colorful markers for guests to write their wishes on. These stones can then be kept together and displayed in a bowl in the house.
Dream Cloud Wall
Cut out cloud shaped pieces of paper and ask guests to write their dreams and wishes for the future baby. Use these dream clouds to create a collage that can be put on a poster or stuck on the wall.
Polaroid Guest Book
Set up a Polaroid camera and ask guests to take a snapshot of themselves along with a brief message. They can then place their photo in the guest book, along with their message.
Message in a Bottle Map
Provide small bottles with maps inside. Guests can write their messages on the maps and place them in the bottles, symbolizing the beginning of a new journey for the parents-to-be.
Board Game
Incorporate a favorite board game into the celebration. Have guests write their messages on the game board or game cards, turning the board game into a unique and interactive guest book.
Thumbprint Tree
Create a thumbprint tree canvas where guests use ink pads to leave their thumbprints as leaves on the tree. They can sign their names beside their prints for a unique and artistic memory of the event.

Best Baby Shower Guest Books to Buy

We searched a few different guest books and have some options here:
Etsy Guest Books
For a personalized experience, Etsy has numerous different guest books that can be perfect for a baby shower. From custom books, to puzzle pieces, to a range of different themes, there are numerous options that could be perfect for any baby shower.
Luna Paper Co Baby Shower Gift Book
These are available directly on their website or on Etsy as well. People generally appreciated the quality, quickness, and customer service with the seller. As a negative, these books are a lot more expensive than other options below.
Pearhead Elephant Token Frame
Rather than a traditional book, this seller has a wooden frame and 65 small elephant tokens. Guests can write on the token and place it in the frame when done. It’s a unique way of getting wishes and gifts. The only downside is that the tokens are fairly small and can’t fit long messages.
321Done Advice Cards
These have 7 questions that can be filled out by guests and a blank backside for longer messages to be written as well. Apart from advice cards 321Done also has prediction cards that can be filled out. The reviews are fairly positive with people liking the quality of the cards.

Return Gifts

Consider, extending gratitude to your guests with thoughtful return gifts. Items like mini succulents, scented candles, or personalized keychains. These small tokens of appreciation convey your thanks and serve as a cherished reminder of the joyful celebration. Etsy and Amazon have some great options.

Additional Ways to Make Baby Shower Guests Happy

Beyond return gifts, there are other simple ways to ensure your guests leave with smiles. Consider organizing fun games that engage everyone, creating an atmosphere of joy and laughter. Offering a diverse menu with tasty treats and refreshing drinks adds to the overall enjoyment. Finally, a heartfelt thank-you note expressing your appreciation for their presence and well wishes can leave a lasting positive impression on your guests.

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