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Easy games


Everyone's a winner! These games are designed to promote open discussion and free play, centered around food and emotions. For younger players, these games foster identification, pattern recognition, sorting, and logic skills.

Chain (1+ Players)

Arrange all tiles face up and randomly select one tile to place in the center. Next, find a tile that matches either the
food or the expression shown on the tile in the center. Place the matching tile next to the first–starting the chain.
Alternating between matching food and expression, build the chain from either end. Continue until all tiles are connected!

Face-Off (2+ Players)

Arrange tiles face down in a pile. Players take turns drawing a tile, acting out the expression, and describing the food shown. Play as many tiles as you like, acting out each tile together or taking turns guessing. Have fun and
make each other laugh!

Medium games


There might be some winners here! These games are designed to promote association and quick thinking. For players of all ages, these games encourage identification, matching, and turn-taking.

Chop (2 Players)

Mix up tiles and divide into two
face-down piles of equal height. At the same time, each player flips their top tile to reveal the character. If tiles match in background color, expression, or food, the first player to shout “CHOP!”
with their hand on the tiles collects the pair. If tiles do not match, move them aside and try again. The player with the most pairs at the end wins!

Threes (2-4 Players)

Each player draws 9 tiles and places them face up in a 3 by 3 grid. Place remaining tiles face down in the middle. Take turns drawing a tile from the top of the pile and reveal the
character. If the drawn tile matches the food or expression of a tile in any player’s grid, flip that tile face down. If
no match is found, draw the next tile. Connect 3 flipped tiles in your grid to win!

Hard games


Can you go the distance? These games require a higher level of organization and tracking. For players who are up for the challenge, these promote creative thinking, memory, deductive reasoning, and communication.

Memory (1+ Players)

Arrange tiles face down in random order. Select a category of play for the
round–food, expression, or tile color. Each player takes a turn flipping over two tiles at random. If the tiles match by
the selected category, the player keeps the pair. If the tiles do not match, flip both tiles back, face down. The player with the most tiles at the end wins!

Who? (2 Players)

At random, each player selects 18 tiles and arranges a 3 by 6 grid in front of them. Each player chooses a tile on
their opponent’s grid, keeping it a secret and leaving it untouched. Players then take turns asking their opponent
yes or no questions, working to
eliminate tiles in front of themselves. The first player to guess their opponent’s secret character wins!

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