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Spice Rainbow Art Cards

Spice Rainbow Art Cards

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"So fun!"

Spice Rainbow Art Cards feature charming, playful illustrations in the world of spices. Each card features a spice, and factual creative poems. Fun to read and nice to look at, all while learning about the colors of the rainbow! Captivate even the youngest soon-to-be chefs in a fun and exciting way.

Ten durable, baby-friendly, double-sided 5-inch square flash cards with ten unique spice illustrations and poems.

Red Saffron - Orange Fenugreek - Yellow Turmeric - Green Cardamom - Blue Basil - Purple Lavender - Pink Peppercorn - Brown Cinnamon - Black Vanilla Bean - White Garlic

Give baby a head start on their culinary journey! Discuss and discover where colorful, popular spices come from. 

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